Who is weed steaming?

Home owners, hospitals, schools, local governments and municipalities in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Australia.  Large scale organic vegetable and fruit farmers, vineyards, and orchards.  

When is the best time to  steam weeds?

The best time to treat weeds with saturated steam is soon after germination.  This will allow a thorough kill.  

We can steam at any stage of the plant lifecycle, so the sooner the better.  With any type of weed control plan, multiple treatments may be needed in a year because seeds in the soil will naturally continue germinating throughout the year.

Saturated Steam Vs Non Saturated Steam Vs Propane flame


Will the water pressure damage soil, bark?

What is the best option?

For weed steaming to kill weeds all the way down to the roots, the water needs to be greater than 98° Celsius, (205°F) and must have rapid transfer into the plant cells. This is what our machines and tools do.  The temperatures are 98-103°C, 205-218°F to destroy your weeds quickly and effectively. Propane flame and Non saturated steam is less efficient at transferring destructive heat into the vegetation and hot water will do the job but is much slower and uses a lot more energy.

No, the pressure of the saturated steam and boiling water is delivered at a rate that is just 15psi.  Our tools thoroughly coat the unwanted plants and does not disturb your mulch or negatively affect soil.  The water does not leave a residue so it will not damage surfaces such as rocks, walls, fences or pathways.